Valentine’s Day At Home With Caprice

Valentine’s Day at home could be the best one yet! While it might not be the glam night out with your significant other or your favorite ladies, it can still be fabulous. This year we’re making the  most of it - and doing our best to plan a night at home that feels just as special as a big night out. As you probably saw from our most recent post, we’re taking this time to celebrate all of the moments - big and small this year. 

Today we’re sharing three ways to celebrate the holiday this year - and how we’d style each of them! 

#1: Romantic Night In

Bring your favorite restaurant to you! Plan a dinner with your valentine from your favorite local restaurant; and dress up the living room to feel romantic with candles, fine china, and fancy napkins. Glam up your look and bring out pieces you were planning on wearing all last year and use this celebration to remember what it’s like to get dressed up again! As you plan your outfit, here are a few pieces we love for when we’re really ready for glam 

The Small Priscilla Earring


Simple and elegant with all the sparkle we love. 

The Chrystler Earring

The perfect shoulder skimming topper to your favorite LBD. 

Zoom Galantine’s Day Celebration

Celebrating with all your girlfriends this year...on screen?!? Pop the rose’ and get decked out in color and sparkle. A great way to make a night feel special, is setting up a backdrop for a photo wall! New decor in your home brings the party to you! Take polaroids that you’ll love as a special (albeit strange!) memory to look back on. 


The Magic Squares Earring

The earrings all your girlfriends are going to rave about! 


The Feathers 

Edgy yet elegant. These are the earrings you’ll reach for time and time again for all your special events. 


Valentine’s Day with the Kiddos

Make this year special with the family! Set up colorful Valentine decorations for the kiddos, create a cookie making station with fun colors and treats, and wear cozy slippers all day with your favorite denim and tee combo. As you bake cupcakes and make crafty valentine cards while enjoying a fun day at home;  make sure to pop on an everyday Caprice piece! 

The Perfect Trio Earrings 

Our best-selling everyday go-to! The Perfect Trio is a staple that can go with any look dressed up or casual. Wear them with a cozy sweater for your crafty kiddo Valentine’s Day! 


The Pineapple Earring

A handcrafted design with a variety of colors to choose from! The Pineapple earring is a great piece that makes any celebration shine just a little brighter. 

Valentine’s Day might look different this year, but we encourage you to make the most out of it! Create a celebration to remember, whatever that may look like for you and yours. 




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