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Whether you’re one foot out the door or you’re dreaming about the future, traveling is on everyone’s mind – especially ours. That’s why we’ve curated a list of 5 travel hacks for how to pack your most prized possessions, including what pieces to bring along on your adventure and our advice on getting them there safely. Whether you’re headed somewhere tropical, road trippin’ across states, or attending a long awaited wedding (that has been pushed back for months), we’ve got you covered.

Less is more.

When deciding which pieces to pack for your trip, we suggest reaching for options that are versatile, yet make a statement.  Give your favorite pieces a chance to really shine and edit your selection down to jewelry that can complement a few different outfits. Trust us, there are endless ways to style statement jewelry.

As you consider your options, here are a few of our jewelry  must-haves to take your vacay wardrobe to the next level.


Bold enough to stand alone. The Mykonos Ring is a show stopper all on its own.

Pair the Trocadero earrings with literally anything. The subtle pop of the green Swarovski crystals adds that little something extra to your travel vibe without going overboard.

Whether styled for the beach with a kaftan and heels or worn to a bridal brunch complimented by a sheath and sandals, the Ottoman Cuff is a bestseller for a reason

Stay organized

Is there anything worse than tangled necklaces? Or opening your suitcase to find that your flimsy jewelry case opened up mid travel and now you have to fish through your luggage to (fingers crossed) find everything? No, no there is not. That’s why we’ve included a few travel hacks that won’t cost you a pretty penny - because pretty pennies should only be spent on pretty jewelry.

Recycle that pill container that’s been unused in your bathroom drawer for far too long. It’s ideal for organizing your rings and smaller earrings. Plus, it’s the perfect size for tucking into your handbag or carry-on so you don’t have to worry about anything happening to your checked luggage. If you don’t have a pill container, a mint tin or a contact case are great options for smaller jewelry – just dig through that junk drawer of yours, you’re bound to find something that will work!

Delicate bracelets and necklaces tend to get tangled and knotted in travel so we suggest carefully rolling them up in a microfiber cloth. This will keep everything protected and provide quick and easy access when you’re ready for them. Just make sure there’s space between pieces so each item is protected within their own roll of cloth. Secure the cloth with a rubber band or tie a bow with ribbon if you’re feeling fancy!

For bulkier statement pieces, we suggest packing those in one of your makeup pouches. Cosmetic bags that have a hard exterior are best for protection. This option is perfect for packing into your carryon suitcase and tends to be unassuming while holding your more luxe pieces.

Protect the jewels! 

The good news is, the best way to clean your jewelry is to gently wipe it with a microfiber cloth. Just recycle that same microfiber cloth you rolled your delicate pieces up in and voila! I suggest keeping your jewelry away from sunscreen, chlorine, and salt water. While we are big fans of a high end pool situation and making a statement in the sun, sunscreen and sun rays can damage your jewelry over time. We recommend removing jewelry before long sun exposure and prior to getting into the water. Taking this extra step will ensure a longer lifespan of your more coveted jewels. 

Happy and safe travels! 


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