Faces of Caprice: Kristina from A Day In My Dreams


At Caprice Decadent US, we're honored to share the stories of the incredibly accomplished, creative and sophisticated women that wear our jewelry. We talked with the blogger and creative mind behind Day In My Dreams blog, Kristina, as she shares her story of getting her dream job, the advice she lives by and who's on her next dinner party guest list. 

Read on to see why we're thrilled to have this lover of fashion, travel and luxury as a Face of Caprice. 

Tell us a bit about yourself! 

My name is Kristina. I was born in the Midwest, but Virginia is now my home. I have always loved fashion! Playing dress up and stealing from my mom’s wardrobe were part of life as a child. It was my dream to work in fashion, and I am incredibly grateful to be able to say, I now do what I love. I believe people should chase their dreams, and be willing to put the work in behind those dreams to accomplish them. Set your mind to it; you can do anything.


Share with us your journey of getting where you are today.

Where to begin! I first pursued fashion from a marketing direction. I majored in graphic design, with the dream of working in NYC for a fashion marketing agency. Fast forward, I ended up landing an entry level job in fashion marketing for a women’s shoe company. My role there developed with time, and I moved on to manage the creative direction, social media, photography and influencer marketing. One day on a whim I thought “man what these influencers are doing looks fun, why not start my own blog?” The next day, I worked with a friend to launch a website and all of my social channels for the luxury fashion blog, Day in my dreams. It started slow, more of a hobby than anything else. I left the shoe business to chase my bigger dream - working in NYC for a marketing agency.

Though it wasn’t fashion-focused, I was able to work with a variety of clients and help create concepts and content to develop their brand.

Working in the city was a huge boost for the blog! The fast-paced city life and atmosphere was the perfect place to get started. I met so many incredible women in the fashion and influencer marketing world there. From launch parties and PR suites to brunch with newly made friends, it was a picture of a dream come true.

A couple years later, I decided it was time for a change, and accepted the promotion at my old shoe company as Creative Director, moving on to Creative and Marketing Director managing the entire marketing department. There were some big setbacks along the way. Changing roles was time consuming and demanding. The blog had to come second in many cases, and there were a lot of late nights writing and trying to stay consistent with posting.

As with all bloggers, I also faced huge challenges when Instagram was acquired by Facebook, and the feed changed from chronological to the new algorithm. There were frustrating days - some still! Going from 2-6K likes on a photo and dropping down to hundreds has been difficult at times. However, it taught me to regain my focus on the original dream - share a passion. Today there are highs and lows on the blog, but I truly enjoy what I do, and am able to connect with some amazing brands and people through the world of social media.

Life lesson, never give up! There are highs and lows to all things, and if you let the lows get to you, you’ll never experience the highs. I’ve been able to travel the world, work with some pretty famous luxury brands, and discover so many new brands and entrepreneurs along the way! It’s a ride I’d never take back, and plan to keep chasing.

How would you describe your style?

My style is all over the place, but consistent in one area - color (or the lack thereof). I actually used to wear plenty of color in college, but towards the end of my education, I grew tired of “loud” fashion expression and decided monochrome better suited my lifestyle and personal taste. I still have splashes of color and subtle prints, but my day-to-day is white, grey, black, nude.

I believe fashion not only is an expression of how you feel in a certain moment, it also needs to fit into your lifestyle. Because of that, I gravitate toward beautiful, functional fashion and high quality essentials for everyday. For special occasions, I love to glam it up to the extreme with bling, big hair, and anything that sparkles.

What brings you the greatest joy?

Love! I believe the most important thing in this world is love. Family, friends, God - even strangers. Learning to love and appreciate people and the world around you brings incredible joy. You just really learn to appreciate the idiosyncrasies of people and what makes them tick. Making others happy, truly is the deepest joy you can experience. If you’re too blessed to stress, focus on sharing that with others!

What’s your biggest strength?

I think this probably connects with the previous question. It’s difficult to always define your own strengths and weaknesses alike, as oftentimes we have a very channeled view of ourselves vs. what others see. However, I would like to say that love is my biggest strength. If I don’t know you, I’m going to approach you with love. And it’s pretty difficult for someone to take that away. People are beautiful creatures. Learning to appreciate them is the best strength I could ask for. I’m also quite determined. If I have a goal, there is not much that will hold me back.

What is currently on your bookshelf?

I wish I could say I’ve read more lately than I have! But I definitely go through swings. I love fiction and suspense (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series was one of my all time favorites), but currently more in “productive” mode. So my focus has been on entrepreneur journeys (Yes, I read The 4 Hour Work Week). I also just picked up InstaTravel by Aggie because her travel blog is one of my favorites, and I wanted to support her business and also learn from her incredible journeys!

Who is on the guest list for your ideal dinner party?

Honestly, my friends and family haha. But as for inspirational people who I’d love to meet or pick their brains… Aggie (from above!), Van Gogh, and Mark Zuckerberg.

What is the best advice you’ve been given?

I tend to be a big perfectionist, so I always say “Striving for perfection is in vain. Instead, succeed in making progress.” It’s a concept that’s helped me stay motivated and taking steps in the right direction, even when progress is slow or less than perfect. I’d also add advice I’ve been given and share with others, if you want it bad enough, then do it. Everyone wants to chase their dreams, but many lack the motivation to accomplish them. Stop talking about them. Start finding ways to make it possible.

What charities do you currently support and why?

I donate to Salvation Army. So many charities are difficult to know the legitimacy. So with them I feel confident the funds go to people in need. I also donate to my local church, clothing drives (I get a lot of clothes!), and love to support missions for disaster relief and poverty. If you’re given a lot, you should give back.

What are your three favorite Caprice Decadent pieces right now?

Long Feathers is my favorite that I chose for my first piece! Feather is a close second (I think these would look great one on either side). Also loving the Priscilla and Magic Squares. Sorry that’s four, I couldn’t decide!

To see more from Kristina, visit her incredible Instagram feed and blog HERE and HERE.

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