How to Curate a Jewelry Capsule Collection

Let’s talk about creating a jewelry capsule collection. Starting from scratch can seem daunting but the reality is you don’t need a ton of jewelry to have a versatile and polished collection full of pieces that you’ll reach for time and time again. Start with the staples and build over time. Our general rule of thumb when it comes to investing in jewelry is always quality over quantity. It won’t take you long to see where your gaps are and once those are established you’ll feel confident in your decision to invest more. Read on for our tips for building a classic capsule collection that your jewelry box deserves. 

Hoop Earrings

A lot of people might say that stud earrings are the first pair of earrings you should invest in but we would have to disagree. Hoops are where it’s at. Hoop earrings are for every occasion and add the perfect amount of personality and flare to any outfit. Investing in an “everyday” pair as well as in ones that make more of a statement is a decision you’ll never regret.


There’s a reason pearls are passed down generation after generation. They make such a special addition to your jewelry collection and will never go out of style. While we love a good pearl necklace, pearls aren’t meant to only be worn in strands... we love incorporating pearls in other ways as well. Whichever way you wear pearls, we dare you to try doing so without instantly feeling more fabulous.


Building a jewelry capsule collection with your favorite gold and silver pieces is necessary but adding some color into the mix is a must as well. Choose colorful stones that best fit your personality and help to make a statement in the best way. We suggest choosing colors that you feel your best in and that will make your eyes pop. Don’t take yourself too seriously though, jewelry is meant to be fun! 


Statement pieces

Our personal favorites… No jewelry capsule collection is complete without a few statement pieces. Let your jewelry do all the talking and complete a simple look with louder jewels. We love wearing statement necklaces with a simple top or dress as well as throwing our hair up and letting a pair of statement earrings do their thing. Adding a few pieces of statement jewelry into your collection allows you flexibility with your wardrobe and gives you options, especially when you need a little more pep in your step!


Remember, building a jewelry capsule collection is personal and should reflect your style and personality. Use these tips to build out a collection full of pieces that make you smile and that will stick around for all the great memories you’ll make wearing them for years to come. 

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