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2020 was chaotic in the most challenging way; let’s take back some control in our lives. Let’s make that effort to put our face on every morning and dress sharp. Be prepared, open and ready for great things to happen.  

“What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language” -Miuccia Prada 

As a business owner of a jewelry brand, I’m incredibly  lucky to be surrounded by the beauty of Caprice Decadent US each and every day. Putting on a pair of earrings, my favorite bracelet or a bold necklace helps to make every day, no matter the day, just a little bit brighter. 


And as I think about the year gone by and the year ahead, I’m committing to take the time to celebrate life’s moments - big and small - with those that I love. Whether it’s the small everyday drumbeats of life, or the big ‘let’s really do it up’ type of moment - this year at Caprice we’re going to take the time to make and create the moments that matter. 

A member of our team just recently shared that the day after New Years Eve, she dressed her entire family up and took family photos on a timer in their living room. Matching sequin dresses for her and her not even 1 year old daughter, bow ties for her young sons and a tux for her husband. Was it the day after New Years? Yes. Did she want to create a memory, a moment that amidst all of the tough moments of the previous year, she’d look back on and smile? Yes.
Over the next several months we’ll be sharing fun ways to create and celebrate special moments. We want to stop and enjoy those big and small pockets of life that put a smile on our faces and brighten our days.  Whether it’s redefining date night (Valentine’s Day is around the corner!), to your own version of dressing up for the New Year - let’s create the moments that matter this year. 

As a brand, we want to be a part of all your celebrations, no matter what you’re celebrating. Whether you’re getting married or celebrating Zoom working correctly on a Monday. We want to help bring a little bit of glam AND a whole lot of joy to your world each and every day. Because taking a moment to get dressed and put on a great pair of earrings is worth celebrating (especially after the year we’ve all had!).

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As you celebrate each day in your own special way, make sure to share how you wear your Caprice pieces while doing it. Use the hashtag #MomentsThatMatter so we can find joy in your joy. Cheers to 2021...Let’s make the little moments count in a big way.  



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